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Barley Lane School

Hard work, humility, kindness

Never  look  down  on  anybody  unless  you  are  helping  him  up.   Jesse Jackson

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S E N D Report  17-18

SEN information report A 2017-18.pdf

School Brochure 18-19

School Brochure 2018-19.pdf

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Our Exam Results 2016

2016 exam results.pdf

Term Dates

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Contact List

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How Safe are the Children &

Young People Feeling

Good Things That

Others Say About Us

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Parent and Carer Feedback

Parent & Carer Feedback 15-16

Parent and Carer Feedback July 2016.pdf

Pupil Feedback 2015-16

alternative provision 2015 - 2016.pdf

Parent & Carer Feedback 16-17

Parent and carer feedback 2016-17.pdf

Pupil Feedback 2016-17

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Pupil Voice 2016-17

Pupil voice  2016-17.pdf

Exam & other accreditation outcomes 2017

Exam and other accreditation outcomes 2017.pdf

Radicalisation and personal

development November 2015

Radicalisation and personal development November 2015.pdf

 Ofsted Inspection Report

 6th December 2017

Ofsted report December 6th 2017.pdf

How To Complain 18-19

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Exam information

Complaints & Appeals Procedure

Internal Appeals Procedure

Exam Emergency Evacuation Policy

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