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The formal process you are now or could be in where your child’s needs are matched to this school we know must be as accessible and easily understood as we can make it.

It can be pragmatic and helpful for parents and carers in deciding could  we be a good fit for their child to  share and consider that in almost all cases our children and young people can and do return to “mainstream” education at sixteen and some before.  If then you want and think it reasonable your child will later return to college and training and work with their mainstream peers as a young adult then finding out more about us makes good sense.

When we meet with parents and carers often their first concern is the other children in the school and this is not unreasonably prompted by the label we and they are given of “SEMH”; social, emotional and mental health and we would like to explain directly how we see this.

All of us will experience times when how we feel and then behave negatively impacts our relationships and consequently our wellbeing and happiness and in school our learning; that is to be a human being.

Many ultimately successful and happy young people and adults have needed help with:

All these terms are useful and they are likely emerging now for you as your child’s needs are considered and described but there is no avoiding they can also leave children and young people and their families and a school community feeling negatively labelled and ambitions and aspirations can be dented.

Our children and young people’s dignity and their enormous worth and their progress as people and learners are all better supported by the clear acknowledgment that we are all “SEMH” at some time but that it in no way defines or limits us and more than that it is often a characteristic of the most talented and good people and that is how we see our students and your sons as talented and good.

Bottom line is how we are as people and what we experience in our lives can make school and indeed life tough and if you can see your child is bright and capable but struggling in a mainstream school because of a range of factors rooted both in their nature and their experience but you can clearly see they could thrive in the right setting with the right support then you should visit and consider us.

We are hugely proud of our students and we see them as we see our own children, all children, as full of potential for good and achievement but they will encounter inevitable bumps in the road and challenges along the way and we all need and deserve help and support to get over those bumps and meet those challenges.  We are here to give that help and support.

A few words about our website

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site. Our site is not slick or polished because it has been and is generated by staff in-house and we prefer to be this way and authentic and we hope accessible?

This is important to us because we have all had that experience of glossy websites at odds with the reality when we visit a place or meet the people that said we urge you to click on to the Ofsted report and to access feedback from parents and carers, students and professionals over time (click on the gallery link above) as we think what others say more telling and reliable.