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Barley Lane School

Hard work, humility, kindness

Never  look  down  on  anybody  unless  you  are  helping  him  up.   Jesse Jackson

PANTS parent's guide.pdf

Safeguarding Policy 18-19

safeguarding and child protection policy 2017-18.pdf

Safeguarding Portfolio 18-19

Ethos and Values 18-19

Child protection CSE 18-19

Teaching & Learning 18-19


Development  2018-19

School Attendance 18-19

Curriculum 18-19

Assessment 17-18

Admissions 18-19

Use of Reasonable Force

D of E Advice

Sex & Relationships

Education Policy 17-18

Whistle Blowing 17-18

School Self Evaluation

Summer  2018

What Others Think About Us

safeguarding portfolio  2018-19.pdf ethos and values 2018-19.pdf child protection CSE 2018-19.pdf teaching and learning 2018-19.pdf professional development 2018-19.pdf school attendance 2018-19.pdf curriculum 2018-19.pdf assessment 2017-18.pdf admissions 2018-19.pdf Use of reasonable force advice reviewed July2015.pdf sex and relationships education 2017-18.pdf whistle blowing 2017-18.pdf

Learning Successes 2015-17

Keeping children safe in Education

D of E Statutory guidance

DCC Audit report May 2017


Learning successes 2015-2017.pdf Keeping_children_safe_in_education 1.pdf DCC Audit Report safeguarding May 2017.pdf

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SEF narrative version  Summer  2018.pdf

Promoting  Good

Behaviour 18-19

Behaviour Principles 18-19

SIP  Context Priorities and   Framework  2018-19

SIP 2017-18 The Reality

School Improvement

Full Review 2017-18

PSHE Policy 16-17

Pupil Premium 16-17

Exam success of a

different kind

P.E. Funding 16-17

promoting good behaviour  2018-19.pdf Behaviour Principles 2018-19.pdf SIP context, priorities and framework 2018-19.pdf SIP 2017-18 the reality.pdf SIP full review 2017-18.pdf PSHE Policy.pdf Pupil Premium 2016-17.pdf

Equality -  What progress

are we making?

DCC Equality Policy

KS2  SATS  2016-17

jcq letter.pdf PE Funding - 16 -17.pdf DCC equality policy Sep 2016.pdf Equality what progress are we making.pdf KS2 SATS 2016-2017a.pdf

Charging Policy

Charging Policy.pdf

Staffing Structure 17-18

Accessibility Policy

staffing structure 2017-18.pdf Accessibility ploicy.pdf

Our partners in college & workplaces  Autumn 2017

Team Feedback levels of challenge and support 2017

Team Feedback on Headteacher 2016-17

Sentient Trust & Babcock Joint visit report 11.01.17

Sentient Trust & Babcock Joint visit report 01.03.16

Feedback from Colleagues

in Social Care

Alternative Provision

Feedback 2015-16

Alternative Provision

Feedback 2016-17

Student and Support Team Feedback on the Classroom


Our partners in college & workplaces  Autumn 2017.pdf Team feedback levels of challenge and support 2017.pdf Team feedback on headteacher 2016-17.pdf Sentient Trust & Babcock joint visit report 11.01.17.pdf Sentient Trust and Babcock joint visit report 01.03.16.pdf Feedback from our colleagues in social care.pdf alternative provision 2015 - 2016.pdf Parent pupil personalised learning feedback 2016-17.pdf Student and support team feedback on classroom experience.pdf

Health & Safety

D&T Review Report   21.01.16

P E Review Report     07.12.15

Management Review 24.11.14

D&T Review Report 21.01.16.pdf PE Review Report 07.12.15.pdf Health & Safety management Review barley Lane 2014 24.11.14.pdf

DCC- Babcock LDP safeguarding visit 11.1.18

DCC- Babcock LDP safeguarding visit 11.1.18.pdf

Team Feedback, Supporting each other Jan 2018

team feedback on supporting each other January 2018.pdf

Team wellbeing survey


team wellbeing survey 2017-18.pdf