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Barley Lane School

Hard work, humility, kindness

Never  look  down  on  anybody  unless  you  are  helping  him  up.   Jesse Jackson

PANTS parent's guide.pdf


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Welcome to Barley Lane School

Department for Education

A warm welcome to our website and an invitation to visit us in person soon because choosing a school should be a face to face thing where what matters and is important to you can be explored

As a visitor to this site it is likely your child or a child you know or work with is clearly bright and capable but not thriving in their mainstream primary or secondary school and this for a whole range of reasons. You can see they need help and support with their emotions, behaviour and learning and you are now beginning to explore possible alternatives…

We are here first to welcome, help and support you in finding the right school and we strive to be friendly, honest and frank throughout because children, parents and carers quite reasonably often find the process of leaving mainstream schooling and choosing a special school plus the whole mechanism of making that change very hard to navigate and sometimes stressful.

Please be reassured we know your child is talented, unique and complex. We work hard with parents and carers and professionals to understand and support each youngster individually but there are common experiences and themes in both the challenges the children face and how we support them, for example, building good relationships with other pupils and teachers, autism, attention deficit, difficulties with reading and writing are all familiar to us and so creative teaching, embedded routines and strong and caring relationships are at the heart of our work.

If you are looking for a school where there is a broad curriculum both academic and vocational with a range of GCSEs and vocational qualifications where students can also have a variety of enriching experiences from abseiling (we offer the DoE award too) to opera then please come and visit us and we can explore together how we can help.

If you are seeking a school where there is a hardworking, skilled and compassionate team who authentically care for the children and young people and their families and have a strong focus every day on how to change and develop and improve their work to meet a whole range of shifting and complex needs then please come and visit us and we can explore how we can help

I look forward to spending time with you in the near future and can be emailed, texted or called (mmaccourt@barleylane.devon.sch.uk 07848 028 341)

Michael MacCourt

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“I would just like to say thanks heaps for all the help and support you give all of us. You guys  truly are a fantastic school and I'm so glad my son is with you all. You’re doing a fab job teaching my little boy, he's coming on in leaps and bounds and that's all down to you guys and all the support you give him.”                        

                                                                                                  Parent 01.07.15

The quality of teaching and learning is good and continues to improve. High expectations prevail… trust, respect and belonging permeate the school.

                                                                                                                           Ofsted December 2017

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